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An outstanding advantage of Wheeled Hand Tool Systems is their ability to handle so many different tasks well with quick reconfigurations of components.  Here is a partial listing of how various WHaTS configurations compare to conventional hand tools for several different applications:

Prying up Rocks and Rubble

 A single wheeled WHaTS fitted with a pair of pry bars gives a better fulcrum and lever action and better lifting stability than a typical "iron bar" most commonly used for manual levering.  While not quite as mobile as an "iron bar" that can be carried, the WHaTS debris lever with its single, flat-proof wheel configuration can be easily rolled over rough ground then readily tilted and angled to align with objects that need to be pried and lifted.  There is always a fulcrum that won't slip out of position right where you want it! 


Moving Rocks and Other Heavy Loads 

 A double wheeled WHaTS allows objects that are too heavy to lift into a wheelbarrow or cart to be easily pried up onto the pry bars  in front of the wheels or slid onto the low bed mesh behind the wheels.  The double wheels provide excellent stability and easy rolling.


Moving Firewood

  A properly configured, double wheeled WHaTS can be considerably more efficient than using a wheelbarrow or a garden cart.  The rugged, low profile frame will carry large loads that can be pulled with a quick attach trailer hitch or manually pushed with handles.  Large loads can be manually rolled uphill since the WHaTS firewood hauler design lends itself to effective front towing assistance by one or two additional people which allows load size to be more than doubled or tripled with no additional investment other than a towing strap or rope for each assistant.


Uprooting Stumps, Shrubs, Invasives, and Fence Posts  

With a puller head and double wheeled configuration, the WHaTS becomes an extremely capable stump and fence post remover.  With adjustable leverage notches, the user has enormous leverage at his or her disposal.  The bottom notches provide the most power, and the top notches provide the highest lift.  The chain allows the WHaTS to firmly grasp many stem and trunk forms without ripping or splitting the trunk.


 Comparison with most popular jaw and lever shrub pullerThe WHaTS post & shrub puller has twice the leverage and can easily handle a wider range of stem forms than the largest Weed Wrench.  In addition to the choice of 4 leverage ratios, the WHaTS puller seemlessly shifts the fulcrum to the wheels away from the base of a tree or shrub taking pressure off the roots and providing a higher lift.  The wheels then facilitate rolling the remaining roots out of the ground. 

We conservatively estimate it will uproot at least twice the mass of saplings and shrubs per person hour when compared to the most popular jaw and lever shrub puller costing $189.  Even if you assume your labor is worth only $10 per hour, you would still recoup the extra cost of the WHaTS post & shrub puller in less than 2 weeks of use.  Not only does the WHaTS quickly pay for itself pulling saplings and shrubs, but also it will pull posts and converts to many other uses.


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