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environmental impact

The primary humanitarian and environmental benefits of Wheeled Hand Tool Systems are the provision of productive jobs in economies with high unemployment and the displacement of fossil fuel consumption used in tasks that can be accomplished more efficiently with proper hand tools.

While there is an overabundance of labor in many struggling economies and a surplus of agricultural and construction tasks that need to be accomplished, much is left undone since rugged, well designed hand tools are often scarce.  Even people desperate for work can become discouraged if their labor is difficult, inefficient or impossible due to the lack of well designed hand tools.  Most people want to help themselves, but often need the tools.  Wheeled Hand Tool Systems not only provide ways to accomplish many tasks more efficiently, but also the open design allows users to easily innovate their own attachments and fabricate them locally.


In addition to saving fossil fuels by efficiently shifting tasks away from motorized equipment*, the WHaTS design offers the following environmental (and economic) benefits:

      - WHaTS quickly and intuitively disassembles and reassembles for compact shipping.  The frame was carefully designed not only to be rugged, versatile and efficient, but also to pack and ship flat.  This saves shipping space, fuel and cost.

      -  Rugged design means that WHaTS should last generations.  The manufacture and shipping of cheap tools that break or wear out in a few years takes a toll on the environment and on long term economics.

      - Powder coated components not only look good, but are also more durable and safer for the environment than paint.

      - WHaTS are designed for a variety of applications utilizing basic components reconfigured to best suit specific tasks, thus minimizing the environmental impact of manufacturing an array of single purpose tools and saving significantly in costs over years of use.


* 95 percent of people on Earth are living where air pollution can cause health problems and even lead to premature death. (see https://www.opb.org/news/article/npr-how-clean-is-our-air/ )   Small, fossil fuel powered motors contribute disproportionately to air pollution.


Click here for more information can be on the polluting effects of small engines.


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