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In a career that has included natural resource management and appropriate technology consulting in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, I became keenly aware of the need for well designed, extremely durable hand tools.  Rugged, long lasting tools are initially more expensive, therefore tool designs which perform multiple tasks as well or better than single purpose tools, and require very little effort to switch between applications are critically important for shortening the payback period for tools that will last and adapt for decades.

Seeing desperate survivors attempting to move rubble with their bare hands following the Haitian earthquake in January 2010 was the final motivating force that led to the development of Wheeled Hand Tool Systems as multi-functional hand tools for disaster response and for boosting productivity in agriculture and construction. 

In more robust economies there are many tasks that can be accomplished more efficiently with well designed, multi-purpose, hand tools.  Not only can efficiencies and economies be realized, but also fossil fuel use can be reduced .  By making Wheeled Hand Tool Systems, innovative, attractive, efficient, long lasting and trouble free, more people will see the advantages of accomplishing an increasing number of tasks without using polluting forms of energy. However, since many people are in the habit of using fossil fuels, providing WHaTS with a trailer hitch option may help them transition. 


- Gerry Hawkes


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